Testimonials from happy clients

Melanie did an outstanding job. I was thrilled to see the skills and knowledge my son learned being demonstrated on the road. In addition he had gained knowledge in safety. He passed his driving test with no errors. I attribute that to his knowledge he had gained with Melanie.

-Tracy Columbo, August 2017

I started to do the 30 hour online class, and I hated from the beginning. So I stopped and decided to try out the class. It was a great decision and I learned so much more than I would have. Also this class helps you realize the importance of safe and responsible driving. I also did the 6 hour behind the wheel training, and it helped become more confident in driving and parking. It also went by fast as well as Melanie giving me vital tips for me to become a better driver. I highly suggest this class for anyone. I have also had Melanie in class and every time I have had her as a teacher she has done an amazing job.

-Mikey Buccino, July 2017


My daughter completed the 6 hours behind the wheel training with Melanie at Steamboat Driving School. We were extremely pleased with the professionalism and responsiveness of Steamboat Driving School. Melanie was super accommodating with our schedule and a joy to work with. My daughter was very comfortable driving in the car with Melanie as well. I would strongly recommend Steamboat Driving School to anyone. Great instruction, great service and a pleasure to work with.

-Teresa Harrison, July 2017

Melanie was very professional and informative to my son, myself and my wife. We feel like she went above and beyond what expected. My son came away from the course with more knowledge, skills and confidence. Would definitely use her again and recommend to a friend.

-Travis Pyles, July 2017


Ms. Nimtz is by far the best teacher I've ever had both in the classroom and on the road. I did the six hour driving lessons with her and learned so much. Parents can teach us the basics, but it's important to learn from an expert. With Ms. Nimtz I learned parallel parking, down shifting, and so much more. I was able to have fun while becoming a safer and more confident driver.

-Morgan Perlman, July 2017

This experienced teacher has a master's degree in education and takes our children's safety in driving very seriously, as she should. The cost for the class was a good bargain with all the extras she provided including four days of comprehensive training, varied instruction, guest speakers, post-class testing, and post-class driving for 6 hours. After this training, I feel much more comfortable and safe being the parent supervising my son's learner's permit hours. The instructor cares about our kids and the safety of driving in our community. As parents, we recommend Steamboat Driving School.

-Suzie Romig, June 2017


Melanie is an outstanding teacher! Our experience with her was amazing! She is on top of details, knows the rules, understands and relates to the kids, takes time to communicate effectively with both students and parents, works hard to schedule timely appointments and truly cares about the entire process. She's patient and a great role model. She helps create fantastic drivers. I've heard only positive experiences from honest, upstanding kids and parents who have actually had experience with her driving classes. I would recommend her over and over. She would get 10 stars in our book.
-Gina Walker, May 2017

It's great to have the option of a driving school in Steamboat Springs. Melanie is very attentive and responds quickly to inquires.
-Lori Mitchell, May 2017

I did the 30 hour in class driver's ed and I loved it. It was very fun and you learned way more then you would online. The classes are a great size for one on one time and you are writing things down so you don't get to bored. I really recommend taking this course. The teacher was so nice and she was very easy to listen to because of her up beat personality.
-Leona Thurston, April 2017

I did the 6 hour behind the wheel driving and at first was not all excited about it. It turned out not as bad as I thought it would be! I learned things I probably wouldn't have otherwise, such as specific steps to parallel parking. I also got a "practice" test that was super helpful which lead me to nailing my test when it counted. The instructor was super nice and made the three hour sessions go by quick!
-Avery Harrington, March 2017

Great classroom experience! We have had one daughter take online class two years ago and one take Steamboat Driving School in-person class. There is no comparison! In classroom was worth every penny and she learned SO much!
-Michele Meyer, December 2016

Thankfully Melanie helped my daughter not only gain the knowledge to pass the driving test on the first try but also taught her the basics of driving. It has been a great start to many years of driving! Thanks Melanie!!!
-Allison Kusy, December 2016